Discover the benefits of new AVT iCenter: The key to label quality inspection excellence

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A global leader in print quality & inspection, with the largest install base in the industry

More than 8,000 AVT systems are installed
at customer sites worldwide

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A wide range of leading solutions with proven results of waste reduction & cost saving

Production efficiency, cost savings,
maximized profitability

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Proven results to the leading print houses

95% of the world's "top 20" label
print houses chose AVT

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AVT a Danaher company, part of the Product Identification Group

and the world leader in print inspection, process control and quality assurance solutions

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The Helios Regeneration Program

Designed specifically for AVT Helios customers who operate long standing print inspection equipment

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Tune into the future
Print quality & inspection solutions for packaging and labels converters

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“With this easy-to-operate system, we were able to reduce production costs by 25%, increase productivity by 30%, and also reduce preparation time for all jobs.”

PLASTICA – Argus Turbo HD, Workflow Link, Apollo Multi-Stop – Market Proven Success

Quality and service enabled by the AVT Argus Turbo HD are keeping Aladdin Packaging well positioned in their market. The Argus Turbo HD requires minimal training and is easy to use while ensuring business performance and success.

Aladdin Packaging: Argus Turbo HD - Market Proven Success

"With the installation of the Apollo 20K from AVT on our HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, we have increased our customer base by about 20%. We have been able work with new customers we could not serve before,” says Daniel Nikolic, Head of Digital Printing at Wipf AG.

Swiss Flexible Packaging Specialist Wipf AG

Litalsa Enhances Print Production with additional AVT Inspection Systems


5 SEPT ETIQUETTE Achieves Total Label Printing Accuracy with AVT Print Inspection Systems.
Watch Patrick Wack, CEO of 5 SEPT ETIQUETTE, talk about AVT's Helios 100% Inspection Solution:

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About AVT

AVT is the global leader in the application of the latest machine vision systems to printing and converting processes. AVT’s print inspection solutions provide advanced process control, quality assurance, and press control for the today’s packaging, label, and commercial print industries.

AVT’s suite of vision inspection systems are field-proven — already in daily use, worldwide. More than 7,000 AVT vision inspection systems are now active, assuring quality images for the world’s leading printers and converters.  AVT’s vision inspection technology comprises integrated solutions which are designed to enhance print quality via automatic online and offline inspection and sophisticated color measurement.

AVT employs a global team of skilled and experienced engineers, embodying a keen understanding of image processing, color science, electro-optical design and printing press control systems. Based on robust technical platforms, AVT machine vision software features proprietary algorithms to meet the unique needs of print processes and converting workflows.

AVT has solutions that can address the increasingly stringent demands of leading brand owners for image quality and process control. Advanced vision inspection technology from AVT enables production control that is synchronized with other vision-centric press controls. Going well beyond simple defect detection, the company’s solutions address key industry challenges, including lack of automation, long production setup cycles, and waste materials.

Now, as member of the Danaher Product Identification group, AVT remains committed to pioneering innovative approaches to machine vision inspection for converters and printing plants around the globe.

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